About Us

A Family Business since 1869

M. Chapman and Sons started trading in Manchester in 1869.

In the early years of trading the company merchanted cotton fabrics from all over the world and still retains the original design books of the early fabrics produced and sold.

Corduroy and Manchester have always been linked together as many of the local Lancashire weavers in the Valleys surrounding this central, industrialised town were able to send their woven fabrics down the valleys to Manchester on canal boats, transferred onto larger vessels and shipped down the Manchester Ship Canal out into the Irish Sea and off to far away export markets, including India, Pakistan and the USA.

“Manchester Fabric” (which was the original common name for Corduroy) became popular and Chapmans began to produce a range of cotton fabrics, including Corduroys, Moleskins and cotton based woven Cambric’s and Fustians.

Taking production “In House’

The Company developed its product range through the 1900’s, specialising in cottons and over time becoming a traditional merchant trader in Northern England. Over the years the Chapman Group of Companies developed and broadened its businesses, purchasing Weaving and Dyeing factories in Lancashire to produce “In House” Corduroys and Moleskins, this expansion led to the growth of our Internationally renowned and award winning Brisbane Moss range.

M. Chapman and Sons are known for an extensive and diverse stock supported range of cotton based textile products, quality fabrics with no minimum requirement and a friendly and reliable service which encourages loyalty and support.