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The Chapman Group of Companies

Incorporating M. Chapman & Sons, Brisbane Moss, Blenheim Court, H.O. Brandt and Techstyle Performance Fabrics

Bridgeroyd Works - home of The Chapman Group - purveyor of fine fabricscutting cordThe company is a family business, started in Manchester in 1869, by one of the original ancestors of the current Managing Director.

In the early years of trading the company merchanted cotton fabrics from all over the world and still retains some of the original design books with patterns of the early fabrics sold.

At this time Corduroy and Manchester were linked together as many of the local Lancashire weavers in the Valleys surrounding this central, industrialised town, were able to send their woven fabrics down the valleys to Manchester where the boats would sail down the Manchester ship canal out into the Irish Sea and off to far away export markets, including India, Pakistan and the USA "Manchester Fabric" (which was the original common name for corduroy) became popular and Chapmans began to develop a range of cotton fabrics, including moleskins, corduroys and cotton based woven cambrics and fustians.

The Company developed through the 1900's and specialised in cottons in niche markets and became a traditional, large merchant trader in Northern England.

The MillOver the years the Group of Companies developed and broadened its businesses and bought a Weaving and Dying works to produce their own "In House" Corduroys and Moleskins. This expansion led to the marketing and promotion of our high quality Brisbane Moss Corduroy and Moleskin ranges which are sold into top class markets around the world.

The business has been built up over the years, including a new furnishing division Blenheim Court and a range of performance fabrics under the name of Techstyle, by supplying good quality fabrics, a reliable stock service and good communications to a loyal customer base.

We are traditionally minded in our business ways and believe strongly in supplying the customers with a product and service that will encourage loyalty and support.